Here is a video of the first test of the small RCB cloud breathing – all thanks to my friend Daniel who has the skills and the knowhow to make amazing things happen!

Inhale, exhale.

Clouds of Star Dust

RCB Cloud, Claire Pendrigh, wool on plastic and metal frame. Photograph: Darren Tynan

RCB Cloud, Claire Pendrigh, wool on plastic and metal frame. Photograph: Darren Tynan

I finally had the chance to hang the RCB Cloud in a gallery space for a photo shoot. It’s so good to see it out of the studio – I think that this work needs space to breath.

RCB Cloud (detail). Photograph Darren Tynan

RCB Cloud (detail). Photograph Darren Tynan

The RCB Cloud is my interpretation of the carbon rich dust clouds ejected by RCB stars. I am also working on an audio component to these works in which the sound of breathing becomes louder, heavier, softer or lighter in correlation with graphs mapping RCB stars’ magnitudes. I like to imagine that these clouds of dust are exhaled by the RCB stars, like the breath of living organisms. In this body of work I am trying to locate the individual in the context of the universe by linking their everyday existence to stellar events.


Thoughts on Carbon

Carbon (detail)

Carbon (Graphite) detail, 2014, egg tempera, graphite and pen on paper

I’ve been playing with the molecular structure of carbon in the form of graphite. The crystal structure of graphite is a hexagon, forming layers of hexagonal mesh.


Carbon (Graphite), 2014, egg tempera, graphite and pen on paper

RCB Cloud


The RCB Cloud is complete. It’s knitted mass floats in front of my studio door.

RCB stars are a type of variable star that occasionally eject clouds of dust. The star dust obscures the view of the star from earth and it appears to grow dimmer or even disappear until the dust disperses.

The RCB Cloud will be part of my next solo show in Fremantle at the Moores Building Contemporary Art Gallery in September 2014… I hope it fits in my car!

RCB Cloud (detail)

RCB Cloud (detail)

Paper Mountains and knitted mountains


Thank you to everyone who came along to the opening of The Sky and the Earth at Paper Mountain gallery! The feedback that I have received from the show has been truly uplifting. Paper Mountain also had their artists’ studios open on the night so I was was able to meet a whole lot of new creative people and talk with them about their exciting projects!

I’ll be taking the exhibition down at the end of the day next Sunday, so if you are in Perth before then and you feel like escaping the summer heat, step inside and you will find your self in a world of ice crystals and snow! Photos of the artworks are now on my portfolio: http://www.pendrigh.wordpress.com

Photos of the opening night by Darren Tynan

Extra thank yous go out to all the lovely people at Paper Mountain, especially to Ashleigh for coordinating the show, Caitlin for designing a beautiful catalogue and Shaye for writing the most amazing catalogue essay! Thanks to Helen for opening the exhibition and to Linden for helping me install it!