Space Caves

These paintings are the beginning of my explorations for “Blot” – a solo show at CCAS scheduled for September. They are small, only 20 by 20 cm. I think they look like space caves.

Making beetles

I have been working on a collection of insects. Cutting, gluing, drawing and crocheting paper, cotton, card board, found objects and pages from “the handbook of insect collecting” – a publication from the 80s which I found in the secondhand bookshop down the road from my house. The book explains in detail the procedures for displaying beetles, however, I feel much happier releasing these specimens out into my garden.

Thoughts on Blots

I have been enjoying making blots. Do you remember in primary school, pouring paint onto paper, folding it in half and then peeling it back to reveal a magical rainbow butterfly of paint? Abstract and symmetrical. Veins of pigment stretching between pools of colourful goo. These are some drawings, maybe finished or maybe not, of blots.