"Speak" - itrip iskip

Speak (detail)

The ARTillery festival is now underway with artworks installed in a number of shop windows in Braddon and Civic. The opening of the show saw a guided tour with each of the artists saying a little something about their work, facilitated by the lovely Adelaide who curated the exhibition. The show continues untill the 10th of December 2011, and I strongly suggest that pick up a handy map at one of the participating shops and have a look around.

My work, “Speak”, is installed in the window of itrip iskip on Lonsdale st, Braddon.  In this work I wanted to explore the idea of the ownership of issues such as gender equality in Iran. For social change to occur, it is important the these issues are not seen as “Iranian women’s issues”, but are issues owned by everyone. The images of mouths and the title “Speak” are about opening dialogues about world issues and how these conversations can also expose elements of our own societies that we would like to change. At the opening, a friend of mine suggested that I could have called the work “Conversations Over Desert”; the reason being a combination of the spoons and that at a dinner party, it is not untill desert that people really begin to open up about social issues and to express their opinions and ideologies. I mention this because I went to a dinner party the other night, and sure enough, by the time the main meal was finished, the guests had all settled down for a heart-felt political discussion.

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