Lopi Mountains

Lopi Mountains in Skagaströnd

The Lopi Mountains reach high behind tiny houses and ice-coated landscapes. Iceland is an island of mountains. For centuries, the people of Iceland have knitted their country together with yarn combined from storytelling and wool from the long haired Icelandic sheep. This mixture has proven to be both warm and waterproof making it ideal for the northern climate. More recent variations on this tradition include the use of “lopi”, the unspun wool of the Icelandic sheep, to create the warm, patterned landscape that has come to symbolise Iceland today. Mountains of this variety have become a very popular souvenir for tourists.

Lopi Mountains


One thought on “Lopi Mountains

  1. Hi Claire,
    The photos are terrific and I love your triangle painting. I’m so glad the residency is going well. School is better ths year -just being in DE -it feels more manageable -I go to my studio each afternoon after work so I get a lot done. I have nearly finished all the making for my exhibition but still have lots of glazing to do. We have had a lovely couple from east germany there for a month doing a residency-great work-crystal glazes are done by Ute and markus makes salt fire ware. I enjoy your posts-love and best wishes-Viv

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