The constellations under my skin

Constellations under my skin (detail)

In exchange for running the workshop at Sauðárkrókur, I received two beautiful Icelandic sheep’s skins from the Sauðárkrókur tannery. Since then, I have been creating more triangle drawings working directly onto the sheep’s skins with pen. These triangles are based on sky maps of the stars above Skagaströnd. The first drawing (pictured) is based on the star map for my birth date, and the second, which I am yet to begin, will use a star map for September, around the time in Iceland when the sheep are rounded up  so that the lambs can be slaughtered for meat and skins. Part of my explorations here is to do with the experience of the sublime, and in these drawings I hope to explore connections between individuals, place and the unknown. Until fairly recently in Iceland, sheep’s intestines were used to predict weather patterns for the coming year. I find this connection between the physicality of a body and more abstract concepts such as the nature of the universe very intriguing. A connection drawn between the small, and the unimaginably large.

Constellations under my skin


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