A return

Watching you and me

What a strange feeling it is to return home after so long away. I am back in Australia, and experiencing what I am sure all travellers go through after a big trip. That feeling of slight estrangement in your home town – like viewing your own life through the glass of a museum cabinet. The exciting news is that I have cleaned out my old studio, sending the newly displaced spiders scurrying away from the stacks of canvases, and plan to get some painting done! While I was cleaning, I found this old work. It sat on the top of my cupboards and watched me, and I began to think about all the people from all around the world that I have met, and how their interactions have helped shape me as a person. I feel truly lucky to have known these people.


3 thoughts on “A return

  1. Welcome home Claire. Yes I know that feeling well. Everything feels so familiar but at the same time a sort of dread of the mundane takes a strangle hold! When travelling possibilities are always open and beckoning. They are at home also but it is not always easy to be alert to the possibilities. The studio clean-up sounds like a great start. You’ll have to come out to Strathnairn some time. Carmel has just has a really successful exhibition at ANCA which is great-I was away so I couldn’t make it unfortunately. We were having a marvellous holiday in NZ.
    See you soon I hope – Viv

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