Claire in the Skin Cosy

I just re-discovered this photograph of me in Bristol, all dressed up and holding one of my crocheted hearts, and I decided that it was most definitely worthy of a place on my blog. I think that the Skin Cosy, or “naked suit” as it became affectionately known in the Bristol backpackers where I was living at the time, is my favourite artwork from the Cosy exhibition. It was interesting to re-exhibit the costume in Canberra for the CCAS Christmas Show. In Bristol, people were only a little shy about donning the suit, and once wearing it they were happily jumping around the gallery showing off their new knitted nipples and vagina to anyone who would look! In Canberra, however, the mood was much more restrained and the suggestion that people could try the cosy on was met with coy giggles and polite declines. I wonder what people would think of it in my new home, Bunbury?

Best heart to all you lovely people in Bristol, Canberra, Bunbury and around the world.

Snow in a Perth summer

Paper Mountain

Great news!

The work that I made during my artist residency in Iceland will be exhibited in Perth’s Paper Mountain art space in early December 2013. What a contrast of climates!