The painting in my cupboard

forest ghost

One drifts on a lone, sleepy walk, acrylic and permanent marker on found painting

I found an old print of a painting in the cupboard of my rented unit. It was in a sad state with chipped corners and peeling surface. What can I say, I instantly fell in love with it as an object that has spent so much time hanging on other people’s walls and watching other people’s lives. I have been drawing these little ghost creatures lately and I decided to introduce them in to this landscape. I think I would like to create a narrative using these ghosts on other people’s paintings. If anyone has any unloved prints hiding in their cupboards, then please let me know!

Art in a new town

Claire Article SWTimes Mar 2013

I have been feeling a little guilty lately as I have not managed to post any pictures of new art on the blog since I moved to Bunbury. The truth is that, while I have still been making art, having a full time job has slowed me down considerably!

This is a scan of an article in the South West Times the other week which I was interviewed for. It makes me feel less guilty about the slow pace of my artmaking because reading it back over made me realise that I have been quite busy and I have been achieving some pretty great goals! The photo is taken in the Bunbury Regional Art Galleries were I now work, and I am sitting in front of a painting by South West artist Monique Tippett.