Cloudbursts in New York


Cloudburst, a duo show with myself and fellow Australian Artist Christian Lock, opened at CHASM Gallery, New York, last week. We have a great little write-up in the Social Magazine.

“Capturing the essence of fluctuations observed in nature and throughout life, “Cloudburst” opened at Chasm Gallery in Bushwick, Brooklyn on December 12. Showcasing works by Australian visual artists, Christian Lock and Claire Pendrigh, the exhibition fuses together each artist’s work thematically under a rubric of natural contrasts from the spontaneous to the orderly and the ironic to the sincere, ultimately communicating the ebb and flow of the human experience and of the world around us.”

-Jack Raplee-

Read the whole article at Social; Lifestyle Magazine


Claire Pendrigh, Jessica Holburn, Jack Raplee and Christian Lock



Photographs: Jacob Souza



Duo exhibition at CHASM NY


6pm to 9pm


This winter Australian artists Christian Lock and Claire Pendrigh debut a dynamic two-person show exploring elemental forces and our connectedness to the universe.

An eloquent interpretation of Lock’s work from Sydney based Art Critic Andrew Frost inspired the title for this exhibition: “There is much at play in Christian Lock’s paintings: space and illusion, surface and depth, texture and smoothness, abstraction and figuration. The eye attempts to unravel the detail while trying to reconcile the entirety of the pictorial space. But it’s no easy task. Lock’s paintings suggest a sky dotted with strange clouds, and the curlicues of something far darker, cloudbursts of the unconscious spreading out in a contemporary sublime.”

Lock says of his painting:
“My work involves the dispersal of paint and pigment by air. If a viewer were to observe the studio process, they may consider that nothing has been added that was not already present. The movements from the floor to the wall could appear as repeated resurrections. But could also be considered an inversion, vertiginously holding up the viewer. Monochromatic images help us to see things in greater definition.”

Pendrigh complements Lock’s paintings with her textile installation work encompassing the window wall of the gallery. Her cunningly quirky, curiously unsettling Cloud series feature clusters of wool reassembled and suspended as though weightless in mid air. Pendrigh’s installation will also feature a soundscape in which her clouds become animated and anthropomorphic.

Pendrigh says of her work:
“I wanted to explore connections between stellar events and the everyday business of being human. I imagine the stars exhaling clouds of dust into the universe, in the same way as we humans, being carbon based life forms, breathe in and out, expanding and contracting with each breath.”

Christian Lock is a graduate from the University of South Australia with a Masters in Visual Arts.
Lock has held many solo exhibitions throughout his career around Australia. He represented GAGPROJECTS|Greenaway Art Gallery (South Australia) at the Dubai art fair this year and will participate in the Cairo Biennale in 2015.
Lock has also been invited to be involved in a show curated by Hans Ulrich Obrist at Samstag Museum titled “do it (Adelaide)” in February, 2015.
Lock has been the recipient of many award scholarships and his work resides in the collections of Artbank and the Art Gallery of South Australia.
This upcoming December exhibition at CHASM will be Lock’s first show in New York.

Claire Pendrigh graduated from the ANU School of Art in Canberra, Australia, majoring with Honours in Painting. Her art practice has taken her thus far to Iceland and she will next undertake an artist residency in Japan, 2015. Pendrigh has exhibited in solo and group shows across Australia and the United Kingdom. She is based in Bunbury, South West of Western Australia. This too will be her first time exhibiting in New York.

This will be the final show of our very successful inaugural year at CHASM, so we will be delighted to see our special guests and a few fresh faces in the space before the year is out.

Friends of guests and partners are welcome.

Complimentary Australian wine will be served upon arrival.

Do not miss this breathtaking show!