I’m working on an installation for a show in January, that involves making many little ceramic vessels and firing them in my garden. It’s been really exciting to learn the whole process, from digging the clay out of the ground through to the final, fired object.

I’ve had a few goes at it now and I’m getting much more reliable, with less exploded pots each time. Now, I just need to make as many as I can before summer kicks in and the fire bans start.

Awesome Arts 2017

Awesome Arts festival 2017 is happening now in Perth! If you have any little artists I highly recommend a trip to the Perth cultural centre for this beautiful celebration of arts for children.

In August this year I worked with Awesome Arts on the Creative Challenge program, in which artists work with students in schools in remote and regional WA. I was lucky enough to spend one week in beautiful Coolgardie Primary school and create amazing noise making machines with students in pre-kindy to grade 6.