The Creative Challenge


This September Knit Glitch (myself and fellow artist, Daniel Macnish) took part in the Awesome Arts Creative Challenge.

The Creative Challenge is a residency program that sends artists to schools in remote and regional Western Australia to work with the students and create something awesome! The aim of the Creative Challenge is to celebrate the talents, perceptions and stories of young people in regional and remote Western Australia and to instil a sense of pride, ownership and place within the communities.

Knit Glitch was placed at Djidi Djidi Aboriginal School in Bunbury, and it was such a pleasure to work with the bright young artists there. For one week, we spent each day working with students in years 1 to 6, felting an interactive blanket. The finished blanket contains soft sensors that, when pressed, play sounds recorded by the students.

The artwork will be on display in the Perth Cultural Centre for the Creative Challenge Exhibition at the AWESOME Festival from 3 – 6 October 2015.



Here and Now

Here and Now house exhibition
Here and Now house exhibition
Here and Now back yard concert. Photo: Alice.
Here and Now back yard concert. Photo: Alice.

I am lucky enough to live in a beautiful share house with white walls and an abundance of picture hangers! We have an enormous back yard with soft lawn and a back porch. I have always wanted to host a house exhibition, and my house mate saw the possibilities of the back yard for a concert. Combining these two ideas, we ended up with “Here and Now”; a house exhibition and backyard concert, celebrating the place that we are (here) and the time we are in (now).

Exhibiting artists:

Claire Pendrigh, Daniel Macnish, Helen Seiver, Daniel Kus, Amber Harries

Breathing Cloud

Check out this amazing video of the breathing RCBs Cloud from my exhibition “Wonder”, filmed and edited by Owen Elliott.

The Breathing Cloud is a knitted imagining of the clouds of carbon rich dust produced by RCB stars. I wanted to explore connections between these stellar events and the every day business of being human. I imagine the stars exhaling clouds of dust into the universe, in the same way as we humans (carbon based life forms) breath in and out, expanding and contracting with each breath. You can read more about this body of work on my portfolio.

This work was a collaboration between myself and engineer, Daniel Macnish.