Claire Pendrigh, Paper-skin, 2015, rice paper, pen and watercolour

Rice paper feels a bit like skin, a thin and fragile covering which records its history in the layers of its surface. Just under the surface of this paper-skin is an implanted foreign body. A single circle, an ink and watercolour drawing of cartilaginous material, is sandwiched between the two sheets of paper.

Paper-skin is part of an artist book by Donna Franklin in her artwork EarMouse Such Sweet Music, 2015. This artwork is currently exhibited in DeMonstrable at Lawrence Wilson Art Gallery, curated by SymbioticA Director Oron Catts. In this exhibition, new work by a number of artists has been commissioned to commemorate, respond to, and reflect on the multifaceted cultural and scientific impact of the Earmouse.

DeMonstrable is open from 3 October – 5 December 2015.


Donna Franklin, EarMouse Such Sweet Music, 2015

Thoughts on Carbon

Carbon (detail)

Carbon (Graphite) detail, 2014, egg tempera, graphite and pen on paper

I’ve been playing with the molecular structure of carbon in the form of graphite. The crystal structure of graphite is a hexagon, forming layers of hexagonal mesh.


Carbon (Graphite), 2014, egg tempera, graphite and pen on paper

Cosy Art

The grand unveiling… my knitted costumes, installations and drawings have finally made it out of my back pack and into the gallery space. The opening night had a great turn out of enthusiastic participants, dressing up and interacting with the artworks. Thank you so much to everyone who has been involved – whether you were there, dressing up in the costumes on the opening night, modelling the works for me while I was making them, or just giving me emotional support when my hands were aching from too many hours spent knitting. One of the things that I have loved about this project is the fact that it has traveled with me, and that the works have direct connections with all the beautiful people and places that I have encountered along the way. “Cosy” was exhibited at Centrespace Gallery, Bristol, UK.

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The constellations under my skin

Constellations under my skin (detail)

In exchange for running the workshop at Sauðárkrókur, I received two beautiful Icelandic sheep’s skins from the Sauðárkrókur tannery. Since then, I have been creating more triangle drawings working directly onto the sheep’s skins with pen. These triangles are based on sky maps of the stars above Skagaströnd. The first drawing (pictured) is based on the star map for my birth date, and the second, which I am yet to begin, will use a star map for September, around the time in Iceland when the sheep are rounded up  so that the lambs can be slaughtered for meat and skins. Part of my explorations here is to do with the experience of the sublime, and in these drawings I hope to explore connections between individuals, place and the unknown. Until fairly recently in Iceland, sheep’s intestines were used to predict weather patterns for the coming year. I find this connection between the physicality of a body and more abstract concepts such as the nature of the universe very intriguing. A connection drawn between the small, and the unimaginably large.

Constellations under my skin

Thoughts on Blots

I have been enjoying making blots. Do you remember in primary school, pouring paint onto paper, folding it in half and then peeling it back to reveal a magical rainbow butterfly of paint? Abstract and symmetrical. Veins of pigment stretching between pools of colourful goo. These are some drawings, maybe finished or maybe not, of blots.