Claire Pendrigh, Ocean, Village, River, Forest, 2019, gouache on rice paper, 45 x 100 cm

Claire Pendrigh, Forest, Jungle, Lake, Forest, 2019, gouache on rice paper, 45 x 100 cm


I have just arrived back home in Tasmania after 6 weeks away doing an artist residency at the beautiful Tiapapata Arts Centre in Samoa!

The residency was an amazing opportunity to develop new work, influenced by the bright colours and patterns of these fascinating islands. I was also invited to create a hanging mobile, purpose built for the high ceilings of the Tiapapata Arts Centre’s gallery space.

We finished the residency with an exhibition of my work and work by students from the various art classes that I ran during the residency.

The patterns and designs in these works will form the basis for a body of work that I’ll continue to develop back home in Australia.

Claire Pendrigh, Tiapapata Mobile, 2019, wood, coconut sennit and watercolour on rice paper

Make a hanging mobile out of almost anything!

I’m running a workshop at The Pear Shed, White Beach, Tasmania!

Sun 10 Mar, 2 – 4pm
45 Pearsons Bay Rd

Construct your own hanging mobile. Learn the trick to balancing each layer so that your mobile balances and spins.

You can use almost any objects as weights in your hanging mobile, so long as they are not too heavy.

Bring 5 – 7 lightweight (max 100g) objects to use in your mobile. It will help if the objects are made out of a material that we can drill holes in, or attach string to. (Here are some ideas: toys, plastic dinosaurs, buttons, shells, dominoes, key rings and pompoms).

All the other materials will be provided.

Workshop for adults and young makers aged 10+

Book online here>>

Window Gallery

If you happen to be wandering through the Hobart CBD, take a peek through the window of 71 Murray Street.

Ten Days on the Island is moving office, and they’ve let me have their front window while this space is in-between tenants!

Some Stars Wobble

Some Stars Wobble opens 6pm Friday 2 June at Sawtooth ARI in Launceston, Tasmania.

Here on the Earth we are never still. Imagine drawing a line in space that traces your location as you go round and round, as the globe spins on its axis, as the Earth orbits the sun, as the solar system revolves, slowly, around the centre of the galaxy. The hanging mobiles, installations and paintings exhibited in Some Stars Wobble examine the complex balance of a shared existence in the universe.

There are also three other exciting exhibitions opening at Sawtooth ARI on 2 June, check their website for full details.

Opening 6pm Friday 2 June
Exhibition runs 1 June – 24 June

Sawtooth ARI
Level , 160 Cimitiere St
Launceston Tasmania

Gallery Hours 
Wednesday to Friday 12 noon – 5 pm
Saturday 10 am – 2 pm